Hi, everyone. I am Doris Zhang, from Shangrao, Jiangxi Province. I graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University, with a bachelor degree. My major is Business English, which is also my interest. I have got the TEM8 and TKT certificates. I love watching American TV series during my spare time. I enjoy teaching people to speak English. That's why I chose to be a teacher four years ago. Now I have been teaching for almost four years, and I will keep doing this as my career. I do believe, nothing is impossible. If you are willing to learn English, You must make efforts and make it.

大家好,我是来自江西省上饶市的张阿英,你们可以叫我Doris. 我毕业于中山大学,专业是英语,获得了英语专业八级证书和TKT证书。四年前,因为喜欢英语,因为享受和学生一起学习英语的过程,我选择成为一名成人英语老师,一直到现在,每天的教学都能够给我带来不一样的快乐。空闲的时候,我喜欢窝在家里看美剧,也喜欢和家人出去散散步。我相信,凡事皆有可能。只要你想,付出努力,就一定可以做到!