Hello, everyone. I am Sandy from Jiangxi. And I graduated from Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Like you see, I am an outgoing girl who likes communicating with others, for I think others like a mirror, we can realize our strengths and weaknesses by it, accordingly we are able to improve and perfect ourselves, as a result I chose the job as an SA. Here, I have some words for my students: if you want to learn, I will try my best to help all of you.If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact me, Sandy is always around you.

大家好,我是Sandy, 来自江西吉安,毕业于江西财经大学外国语学院商务英语专业。正如大家所见,我是一个比较外向的人,喜欢和他人沟通交流,因为我觉得他人就像一面镜子,从中可以反射出我们的优缺点,从而我们能够不断提高和改善自己。我喜欢SA的工作,可以和不同类型的学员沟通、相处,可以学习到不同方面的知识。在这里我想对我的学员说,只要你想学好英语,我就会尽全力帮助你。如果你在生活中遇到困难需要帮助,请记得在第一时间告知我,千万不要犹豫,Sandy永远在你身边,等候传唤。因为我们不仅是师生关系,同时也是朋友。