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Hi, everyone, I am Vera, an outgoing girl coming from Henan Province. I live in Henan, and I spent my school days in Henan. I have 2 years of teaching experience before I am a SA in Meten. I learnt English Education & Business English in my college! And I think helping and communicating with different students and friends is great! In spare time, I like dancing, skating and traveling. I feel excited to spend my rest working time in Meten, Longhua! If you want to learn English well, come for me!

Hi,我是来自龙华中心的一名普通SA 梁艳杰。旅行拍照,舞蹈瑜伽,网球轮滑是我的标签。火象的狮子赋予了我热情和乐观。生活中随性自由,工作中严谨耐心。喜欢冒险又享受生活。丰富的经历是我自信的源泉。我是Vera,一个有梦想爱笑的SA!