Hey, guys! This is Haman, a male local teacher of Meten in Jiangning district of Nanjing. It is of great honor to have an introduction for me. I got my bachelor's degree in 2009 and in the same year I took my first job working as a tutor in LYCE. Now in retrospect, it's been seven years since I got my first salary. LOL. Having many years of teaching experience enables me to get to know about students from all walks of life, which is absolutely amazing! Among the students that I've taught are college students, white-collar workers, housewives and so on and so forth. And one of the reasons that I persist in teaching English is that I often get inspired by those lovely and diligent students. Their spirit, their hard work, and their desire to get a better life through learning English always motivate me to be totally devoted and whole-hearted in sharing and teaching English. I hope you can achieve your goals and I’ll be there with you! Thanks!