Hi there, right now you are looking at NIKI, SA from Jiangbei center. Looking back my life, the most correct choice I’ve ever made is learning English. It provides me a new view to observe the world. It enables me to experience a different life. Most importantly, I find a job. To find a job is easy, but to find a job that is right for you is not so easy. 

I was graduated from Chongqing Normal University. To be honest, I am talkative and outgoing. Maybe this is the reason why I have become a study advisor at Meten. To provide you with some western culture, to share some better methods of learning English and to enjoy the moment with you at Meten. What I wish the most is that you can get something here, do not just consider Meten as a place to study English, but a place for fun, for joy, for happiness, and for achievements.

There is NO shortcut to learn English, just study hard and try your best efforts to learn English. As is known to all, where there is a will, there is a way.