Check it now, everyone. Here is a passionate LT, William, who has been working in Meten for almost three years. With 6 years’ experience of teaching English, I am proficient in getting students involved in my class and inputting practical language points that  they can digest in an easy way. The only goal I focus on achieving in class is that students can love to speak English. So interactive games and targeting tasks can surely stimulate your interest and confront you with challenges at the same time. Interesting role-play and original ideas for teaching English will let you forget the trouble and annoyance of your life for a while. It’s always my aim that let students learn trendy English from my class and can use what they have learned in real situation. That’s why I insistently search for trendy ideas and materials for my class. If you ask what the secret of learning English successfully is, here is my answer: passion, perseverance and interest. Since I have graduated with a bachelor degree of English major from Wuhan Institute of physical education, I always keep my passion for learning English. The most important philosophy of learning English I have acquired through the ten years of receiving English education in campus and the six years of teaching English in society is to stop procrastinating now. Additionally, campus activities are also my cup of tea, for example, I volunteered to be a translator for international martial arts training held in my college in 2008. I was sent to accompany and play with some American visitors of American Ball University as a translator for two days. These experiences don’t only offer me good chances to improve my English, but also stimulate my interest for English and let me know how useful English is. Come to Meten and arouse your potential passion and interest for English day by day, you’ll find you’re making progress and friends here.