Hello, everyone, my name is Amanda, I am from a beautiful seaside city in the Northeast of China called Dalian.  I have been working in Meten for seven years until now and have enjoyed every minute. I currently work in Xinhe center in Nanshan, Shenzhen.  My job is course consultant, and I absolutely love it. I currently help hundreds of students – but over my career I have helped thousands.  Some of them are Company owners, some are managers some are employees, some are housewives, some are students, whatever their backgrounds are, I encourage them to work hard for themselves and be proud of their achievements in Meten. I'm proud of them and their progress in learning.  Be like them, achieve and be proud of yourself. Come to Meten, achieve something, and come to Amanda.

专业做培训和留学, 对于语言培训和留学申请都非常专业